About myRewards

Glad you asked! LEAN CUISINE myRewards recognizes you for being a loyal LEAN CUISINE foodie. You can earn Points by purchasing LEAN CUISINE Qualified Products and completing other activities. Points can be redeemed for eGift cards and discounts on LEAN CUISINE meals.

Just register at myrewards.leancuisine.com and you’re on your way! LEAN CUISINE myRewards is a free program designed to reward LEAN CUISINE consumers who enjoy eating well and meeting goals.

Click myrewards.leancuisine.com/termsandconditions for the complete program terms.

Earning Points

There are two ways to earn Points as a member of myRewards. One way is to purchase LEAN CUISINE Qualified Products and then upload your store receipts and product UPC image(s). The second way is to stay actively engaged with the myRewards program; completing your profile is one example. Check out the activities on our the myRewards pages of the LEAN CUISINE website to see all the ways you can keep the Points rolling in.

Each time you upload your LEAN CUISINE purchase receipt and product UPC image(s) for Qualified Products, you’ll earn twenty (20) Points for every dollar spent on that purchase. Any Points you earn for completing various activities are based on the number of Points assigned to that specific activity. In other words, some activities are worth more Points than others. There is no limit on the number of Points you can earn.

Yes! After making your purchase of Qualified Products, snap a legible digital photo of your full purchase receipt. Also take a photo of the product UPC(s) from the package(s). Then log into your myRewards account and navigate to the Upload Receipt link. Next, simply upload your photos and fill in the accompanying entry fields. 

Yes! After making your purchase of Qualified Products, take a screenshot of your complete order summary (Note: This page is different from your order confirmation). Also take a photo of the product UPC(s) from the package(s). Then log into your myRewards account and navigate to the Upload Receipt link. Next, simply upload your photos and fill in the accompanying entry fields. 

To ensure a successful upload, follow these important tips:

  • Make sure that your receipt includes LEAN CUISINE qualified products.

  • Keep your receipt flat, straight and in focus.

    • Wrinkled, skewed or crumpled receipts won't scan properly.

  • Receipt should be an image file (.jpg, .png, etc.) and less than 5MB.

  • Make sure all of the following items are visible:

    • Store name

    • Purchase Date

    • Product Name

    • Product Price

Refer to successful receipt upload steps for troubleshooting tips.  Once successfully uploaded, receipts may take up to 72 hours to process.

All LEAN CUISINE products qualify.  With over 60 satisfying dishes under 400 calories, you’re certain to find many crave-worthy favs – all of which can earn you Points!

No, only LEAN CUISINE products are eligible.

The UPC is the 12-digit code that’s located below the barcode on the back of the LEAN CUISINE box. Simply take a photo of the UPC code and upload it when submitting your purchase receipts. When submitting a receipt with multiple UPC’s, each UPC image must be uploaded separately. Keep in mind, the UPC and the receipt are both required to receive Points!

Points earned will expire after 12 months of no myRewards account log-in activity.

To keep things fair, we do not offer Points for LEAN CUISINE purchases made before joining the program.

  • Once you’ve accumulated enough Points for the Reward you want, log in to your myRewards account and navigate to the Rewards link.

    • This section of our site allows you to view all available Rewards.

  • Clicking on a Reward will take you to a description page with key details, including the item’s Points value.

  • If it’s the one for you and you have enough Points, click the “Add to Cart” button displayed below the Reward’s description.

  • After making your selection(s), head to the Cart page.

  • Here you’ll confirm your shipping address and review and verify your selection(s).

  • Once you’ve completed your order, we’ll send you a confirmation email, so you know your Reward is on its way.

Your digital Rewards will be available within two business days, while physical Rewards, once confirmed, are usually delivered within 3 to 6 weeks. If we need to provide additional instructions, we’ll send you a separate email.

You may redeem as many Rewards for which you have Points! Please note that with some Rewards, there may be a cap on the number of redemptions you can make within a specific time period.

We don’t accept returns, so take your time when selecting and redeeming Rewards. Once it’s yours, it’s yours.

We regularly evaluate our programs and review input from consumers to ensure the best experience for our members. Rest assured, if the program sadly goes away, we will notify our members in advance to allow time for Points redemption before the end date.